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Nutrogenomics is the knowledge of our underlying genetic susceptibilities and what we can eat to change them.

We can improve our genomics by eating healthy and functional foods and supplements.

Let us eat our way to health and happiness.

Why we age?

Age is change in our cells over time. What would happen if our bodies stayed as when we were 25 years old and our chronological age increased?

Changes in the biochemical pathways in the cells which cause aging are:

1) DNA Damage is the fundamental cause of aging.

Why we age?DNA repair mechanisms reduce as we age, resulting in an accumulation of damaged DNA throughout the body. Age-related Macular Degeneration is the best example of DNA damage.

Research has shown that taking Lutein and Zeaxanthin reduces skin aging, while preventing Macular Degeneration, mainly due to preventing age promoting DNA damage in every cell.

2) Over Eating

Why we age?Obesity raises the risk of death by 200% to 300%. Fat is an active Endocrine organ holding and releasing many hormones, which can disrupt the metabolic balance and cause a host of degenrative diseases. The Green Coffee Bean Extract of ANTIAGING Institute has a little Caffeine. The active ingreient is Chlorogenic Acid which helps to burn sugar and fat and helps to lose the extra weight you don’t want.

3) Oxidation or Rusting

Why we age?CoQ10 is a natural potent antioxidant, which protects the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cells and the cell membrane against free radicals and oxidative damage.


4) Glycation or Baking

Why we age?CoQ10 Plus is a powerful Antioxidant, which recycles other antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and CoQ10. CoQ10 Plus Prevents Glycation or baking of sugar with proteins (Protein Cross-links), reduces the formation of Brown Spots on the Skin and in the Brain and helps to improve skin texture, imptove memeory and increase Insulin Sensitivity for Diabetics, balancing and reducing their blood sugar.

5) Inflammation

Why we age?NF-kB (Nuclear Factor- kappa B) works like a switch to turn on Inflammation in every cell. NF-kB's expression increases as we age causing Wrinkling, Arthritis , etc. Curcumin extract helps to modulate the effects of NF-kB. BIOCURCU has strong Anti-inflammatory effects suppressing Inflammatory Cytokines in every cell in your body.

Grow Young Responsibly

Welcome to the ANTIAGING Institute of California: AAIC is an expert in anti aging supplements, vitamins, and products, all of which help our clients live longer, healthier lives. Along with our top of the line products, we supply you with a team of health specialists which are always available to answer any questions you may have. Sign up for our newsletter and receive new and cutting edge information on health,nutrition, and anti aging news. Our anti aging vitamins, supplements, and products are used all over the world, renowned for their quality. Contact us now and we'll help you with your anti aging needs for living a longer and healthier life!

"Your health and wellness is a priority to you and us."

Reduce the Effects of Aging – Feel Fresh and Energetic Just Like When You Were Younger!

Do you want to prevent, postpone, and even reverse the signs and symptoms associated with aging? Have you tried other anti aging supplements and realized many are not natural and are synthetic? Let the Antiaging Institute of California help you discover a younger, healthier, natural you!

Offering the best in natural support for a healthy lifestyle is only the beginning. You will be more than satisfied with our selection of anti aging supplements, including products for arthritis, beauty, digestion, and losing inches around your waist. Vegans can enjoy our all-natural, gelatin-free dietary supplements too!

Women seek only the best care for themselves, and the Antiaging Institute is proud to support women of all ages; Happily aiding women with nutritional supplements to target and aid bladder control, High cholesterol, hair loss, diabetes, and many more. Keep yourself fresh and young with a variety of anti aging skin creams to prevent and fade sun and age spots, and reveal your younger, wrinkle-free skin!

Women, embrace menopause! Don't suffer the harsh side effects which Chemical menopause aids can produce. Keep it natural with a full line of dietary supplements and anti aging vitamins to keep you energized and on track. Did you know a lack of estrogen can lead to significant bone loss? Avoid osteoporosis, take action today!

Men can enjoy the benefits of natural healthcare as well! The best anti aging vitamins are available to hinder hair loss, promote erectile function, and support prostate health. You can also receive dietary support for high cholesterol, memory, and heart health, among many others!

Excess weight is just one of the culprits involved in aging. Get yourself back in the game with the best in natural support! Anti aging vitamins aid in keeping your energy levels up, and dietary supplements keep your body feeling young and ready for exercise. Support for weight loss can be achieved by eating less with increasing energy through nutritional drink Mitomaxx which cater to your dietary needs.

Unsure which avenue of natural care is right for you? Don't let our best variety of antiaging supplements overwhelm you - chat with a live person today! We will be happy to assess your needs and help you begin your younger, healthier life! The Antiaging Institute products are proudly approved by the Food and Drug Administration for sale in United States and the world.


100% natural