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Cartilage wears down due to the natural aging process and by the repetitive friction between the joints during exercise.
Flexxability is designed for anyone who has joint stress or experiences joint stiffness. The nutrients in Flexxability help to rebuild and maintain joint flexibility.
Glucosamine is derived from shellfish.

Flexxability 胶囊:

保护关节对我们的身体健康格外重要。软骨是介于骨骼连接处之间的胶状物质。它能够让骨头之间的移动平滑的进行。Flexxability 胶囊含有最有效的氨基酸葡萄糖,高纯度的鲨鱼软骨,从牛骨中提取的天然粘多糖,具有强大消炎功效的非洲乳香,菊花提取物,白柳皮提取物,能够有效组织肠道毒素分泌的丝兰根,毡毛山核桃提取物,以及菠萝蛋白酶。穿天然的珍贵提取物确保了你的骨骼和关节的健康。

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