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Crème Fraish

Crème Fraish
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The ANTIAGING’s Crème Fraish  is  made of fruit acids. Use this crème every night,  before going to bed on your skin and and enjoy your smooth and soft skin in the morning when you wash it. Crème Fraish will also make the dark spots much lighter.
Try a 6 to 8 hour facial every night, while you are sleeping

Every night before going to bed, after you wash your face apply a generous amount of High Potency Crème Fraish to your face, neck and hands.
Tomorrow morning when you wake up, wash your face again.
You will feel the soft, clean, revived and revealed young skin you had underneath the dead, dull and dry skin cells.
Recharge your skin with luxurious moister and radiance of happiness when you use the Ultimate Moisturizer Cream in the morning.
Do not forget to use B4UBurn SPF 45 to protect this new and revealed skin from the UV rays of sun.
Glow with your new radiant skin.





早上起来后还可以使用Q+ 面霜给您的肌肤更多的日间护理。

当然,不要忘记使用B4Uburan SPF 45保护您崭新的肌肤免受紫外线的伤害。



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Reviewed by thirdfloorwalkup
06/27/2011 - 02:08:56 PM

Another great product....

I started using Cre'me Fraish a week ago and I have seen fantastic results already. My skin is smooth, and it has a much more even tone. All the pours on my face are much tighter, they are shrinking. I wake up in the morning with baby soft skin. This is a great product!

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