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Do you know that In the Year: 

1776: Average life expectancy in United States was 35 years old. 
1997: Average life expectancy in United States was 77 years old. 
1900: Percentage of US population who lived to the age of 65 was 25%. 
2000: Percentage of US population who live to the age of 65 was 80%. 
One in eight Americans are 65 and over
1996: Number of centenarians in the US was 70,000. 
2010: Number of centenarians in the US, 160,000. 
2050: Number of centenarians in the US, 265,000 its highest projection puts the number at 4.2 million.

2020: Projected average active lifespan is 100. 
2020: Projected global ratio of elderly per newborn is 15: 1 
2020: Projected global increase of over 65 population is 87% 

Number one cause of death in the US: Cardiovascular disease 
Number one cause of premature death: Cigarette smoking 
Percentage of Americans who will die of cancer is 33%        Deaths from cancer per minute is1 person 
Projected average life expectancy if cancer and heart disease were eliminated: 99 years old. 

Supercentenarian ( Super-centenarian) is someone who has reached the age of 110 years. This age is achieved by about one in a thousand centenarians.
There are estimated to be 300 – 450 living supercentenarians in the world, though only some individual verified living supercentenarians are known.  A study conducted in 2010 showed that the countries with most supercentenarians were United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy.
The first verified supercentenarians in human history died in the late 19th century.
Until the 1980s, the maximal age to be attained by supercentenarians was 114, but this has now been surpassed. To date, there are 7 undisputed cases of people who have lived to 116 years of age or older. The oldest verified person ever is Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years 164 days.

Statistic is adopted from US Census, A4M and Wikipedia.