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Ed Dixons
Menopause Maggie


My version of the BIOCHEMISTRY of the BRAIN:

 There is the pathway of LIFE.  It is a very long street with hills and flats and many bumps on the road.

This long road starts from No. 0  and ends at No. 1000.

 No. 0 Pathway Road----------------------------No. 1000 Pathway Road

 Right in the center of this road is a beautiful Park –No. 500 Pathway Road is a Park with benches around a gorgeous fountain, flowers, trees, birds. Absolutely beautiful.

 No. 0 is built right by a cliff. Thousands of feet deep, at the bottom there is FIRE. Same with No. 1000, however at the bottom of this cliff is an ocean. A very deep ocean.

 No one should live by the cliff. No. 0 to 2 is a huge piece of land.

Same with No. 998  to 1000.  Beautiful gorgeous piece of empty land.

 We the people, live between No. 23 and No. 977 of this Pathway Rd.

 Between No. 159 to 841  gets more crowded. Actually out of each 1000 people 682 live and work  between No. 159 to 841.

 We get up every morning get dressed up and go to work. We pass the beautiful park on our way. We can sit there on the benches, relax, read a book, eat our lunch- then get up and go to work. On the way back we go through the beautiful Park again, sit on the benches, meet a friend, have a cup of coffee, chat, send emails, talk on the cell phones and get up and go home.

 We do this as long as we live. Hopefully for 100 years. Sometimes we walk faster, sometimes we run, we hit other people, we meet great people, we fall in love, we fall out of love, the whole life.

 Now when the brain functions “normal” we do not go close to the cliffs. We stay around our own territory of numbers 159 to 841.

We go through the park,  daily, however we should not stay in the park after dark. We should not live in the park or we would become bums. The park as beautiful as it is, is not for staying. Is not to live there and not go out. It is only for passing through.

 From No. 159 to number 23 is safe to go, but we will get closer to the cliff. It will begin to become scary and uncomfortable.

 Number 23 down will be very lonely and very scary and pass No. 2 is hell. It will be burning hot and extremely lonely.

 From No. 841 to 977 is fun. It is great. Every one is happy, high, friendly, energetic, creative, funny, party time of your life.

 From 977 to 998 is a state of Euphoria. Practically every one is Doped. High on Dopamin. From No. 998 to 1000 people are so drugged they are flying. They do not see the danger of the cliff and the deep ocean.

 Now, we the people “the normal people” do not go further than 23 or 977. we do not even stay in the park after dark. However, we are constantly going from 23 to 977 through the park (No. 500 pathway Rd.) and back.

 Genious people live on the up side of this pathway Rd. They usually live between numbers 977 to 998. They are happy, successful, sociable, talkative, athletic, good in Math, great at Stock market. They gamble, listen to loud Rock and Roll music, drink alcohol and have a lot of sex.

People who live between No. 2 to 23 are not happy. They are sad, negative, lonely, dellusionary, anti-social, always mad at someone or something, blaming the world, their parents, life-everyone else for their problems. It is not their choice. Their brain has all these negative thoughts. They may move up the pathway, but may get stuck at the beautiful park and stay there. They will become the residents of the beautiful park.

 There are only 2 people living down the road at No. 1 and 2 of pathway Rd. They do not feel good. They are very close to the cliff. Dangerously close to the cliff.

 There are also 2 people living at No. 998 and 999 of pathway Rd. They are out there too. Not feeling good to close to the cliff.

 There are some of us as well who live between No. 2 and No. 998.

We run back and forth up and down the pathway Rd. really fast. Like someone is chasing us. Sometimes, we really think some one is chasing us. We run, we hit others, we run over others ust to get to the other side. Sometimes, with or without drugs we get stuck in the beautiful Park. We are the Bi-polars. We run from one pole to the other. Up and down the pathway Rd.

 There is a lot of the BIOCHEMISTRY of the BRAIN involved in this. High Dopamine, low Serotonin, High Neuradrenaline etc.

 The concentration of the neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain is Genetic. That is why we are all different. However, environment and training has a major effect on this Biochemistry. So does the food and vitamins and supplements we provide to our brain.

 At the ANTIAGING® Institute of California, we are trying to provide the food the brain needs to produce the neurotransmitters to maintain the balance of the Highs and Lows.