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Ed Dixons
Menopause Maggie


Product ID : 1021
Don't Pause Your Life Don't Pause For Menopause NON-GMO all natural...
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Product ID : 1042
As a woman goes through her twenties and thirties, she becomes more aware of...
Product ID : 1051
Product ID : 1009
Nrf2 Stimulator, promoting internal Antiaging and Anti-inlflammatory...
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Product ID : 1023
Improve your immune system
According to research reported at John Hopkins Medicine Health Information: “at the begining of the 20th Century, the average life expectancy of American woman was 40 years, a half decade before the age of menopause. Now, with the average life expectancy of women being 80 plus years, she will spend almost 40% of her life deficient in sex hormones.”  This may lead to significant health problems, weight gain, lack of energy and many more. Research has shown the genetic and molecular mechanisms of CHROMIUM PICOLINATE in reducing glucose resistance, as well as how the anti aging supplements can reduce glucose levels. EGCG is an anti-oxidant that is about 25-100 times more potent than anti aging vitamins A and E.