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Avoid dark spots on your hands.

The first look at the hands will show a person’s age. No matter how many surgeries they have performed on their faces, and how much they have taken care of their face with using the most expensive face creams, the hands give it away.

Wrinkles, dark spots, dry itchy red hands will make you look much older than you think. 

At the ANTIAGING Institute of California, we recommend a strong moisturizes SPF 45 for your hands, especially if you drive.

While driving, our hands are exposed to direct sun light for long periods of time, maybe even hours. The same way we take care of our face and use B4Uburn SPF 60 on our faces, we can use the same SPF 45 strength for our hands.

The ANTIAGING  Crème Fraish  is  made of fruit acids. Use this crème every night,  before going to bed on your hands, you will love your smooth, soft hands in the morning when you wash them. Crème Fraish will make the dark spots much lighter. Use the B4Uburn SPF 45 after you wash your hands every time to prevent dark spots and aging of your hands. 

Try them and you will see the difference. No needles, No surgeries, No dark spots. 

Your hands will look Young and Fresh. 

Avoid dark spots with SPF and Creme Fraishe

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Athletes, use this product and prevent the damages of UV light on your skin.
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