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Ed Dixons
Menopause Maggie


Young By Design


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Don't Pause Your Life Don't Pause For Menopause NON-GMO all natural...
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As a woman goes through her twenties and thirties, she becomes more aware of...
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Relax and sleep better
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My version of the BIOCHEMISTRY of the BRAIN:

There is the pathway of LIFE.  It is a very long street with hills and flats and many bumps on the road.

This long road starts from No. 0  and ends at No. 1000.

 No. 0 Pathway Road----------------------------No. 1000 Pathway Road

 Right in the center of this road is a beautiful Park –No. 500 Pathway Road is a Park with benches around a gorgeous fountain, flowers, trees, birds. Absolutely beautiful.

 No. 0 is built right by a cliff. Thousands of feet deep, at the bottom there is FIRE. Same with No. 1000, however at the bottom of this cliff is an ocean. A very deep ocean.

 No one should live by the cliff. No. 0 to 2 is a huge piece of land. READ MORE