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Why we age and how can we postpone the signs and symptoms of aging?

Age is change in our cells over time. What would happen if our bodies stayed as when we were 25 years old and our chronological age increased?

We age because of:


1) DNA Damage:

DNA Damage is number one cause of cancer. DNA repair mechanisms reduce as we age, resulting in an accumulation of damaged DNA throughout the body. Age-related Macular Degeneration is the best example of DNA damage.

2) Oxidation or endogenous Rusting. We rust as we age. We therefore need strong ANTIOXIDANTS.

3) Glycation or Baking

Sugar and proteins bake in our body overtime (Protein Cross-links), causing Wrinkling, Alzheimer’s and the formation of Brown Spots on the Skin and the Brain.


4) Inflammaging

NF-kB (Nuclear Factor- kappa B) works like a switch to turn on Inflammation in every cell. NF-kB's expression increases as we age causing Pain, Arthritis, Dry Skin and Dry Bones.

5) Sexual Function and loss of sexual power, drive and desire.

6) Menopause is not a phase, it is the rest of our lives .

Why ANTIAGING Institute products are superior:

We all have choices in life.

We all make the best educational choices when it comes to our health.

At the ANTIAGING Institute of California we provide Tomorrow’s Medicine for Vitamins, Supplements and Skincare products today.

With 40 years of experience in Pharmaceutical and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic and Research Dr. Shoreh Ershadi Pharm.D., Ph.D., and Board Certified with the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine has formulated the highest quality natural nutritional ingredients for Menopause, for women over 40, Sexual Health for both Men and Women by increasing Nitric Oxide to improve Cardiovascular Circulation, Respiration, Cell Proliferation, Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems, Memory and Immuno-endocrine responses.

Leaky Gut Syndrome, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Sleep Disturbances, Stress Relief, Happiness, Bone Health, Prevention and Postponing the Degenerative Diseases of aging have been on the priority list at the ANTIAGING Institute products.

The ANTIAGING Institute Vitamins, Supplements and Antioxidants effectively enhance the metabolism of each and every cell in our body and prevent the destructive enzymes and mutations of our DNAs.

Enhancing the health and the length of the Telomeres with increasing the Mitochondrial Oxygen Content with Coenzyme Q10 has been our Target since the year 2000 when the ANTIAGING Institute was established.

Inner Health and Outer Beauty has been our slogan through 15 years of educational Seminars, Radio and TV programs.

The ANTIAGING Institute miraculous Skin Care products testify the results on the faces of thousands of our beautiful clients.

Grow Young Responsibly with the help of the

ANTIAGING Institute of California.

Grow Young Responsibly

Welcome to the ANTIAGING Institute of California: AAIC is an expert in anti aging supplements, vitamins, and products, all of which help our clients live longer, healthier lives. Along with our top of the line products, we supply you with a team of health specialists which are always available to answer any questions you may have. Sign up for our newsletter and receive new and cutting edge information on health,nutrition, and anti aging news. Our anti aging vitamins, supplements, and products are used all over the world, renowned for their quality. Contact us now and we'll help you with your anti aging needs for living a longer and healthier life!

"Your health and wellness is a priority to you and us."

Reduce the Effects of Aging – Feel Fresh and Energetic Just Like When You Were Younger!

Do you want to prevent, postpone, and even reverse the signs and symptoms associated with aging? Have you tried other anti aging supplements and realized many are not natural and are synthetic? Let the Antiaging Institute of California help you discover a younger, healthier, natural you!

Offering the best in natural support for a healthy lifestyle is only the beginning. You will be more than satisfied with our selection of anti aging supplements, including products for arthritis, beauty, digestion, and losing inches around your waist. Vegans can enjoy our all-natural, gelatin-free dietary supplements too!

Women seek only the best care for themselves, and the Antiaging Institute is proud to support women of all ages; Happily aiding women with nutritional supplements to target and aid bladder control, High cholesterol, hair loss, diabetes, and many more. Keep yourself fresh and young with a variety of anti aging skin creams to prevent and fade sun and age spots, and reveal your younger, wrinkle-free skin!

Women, embrace menopause! Don't suffer the harsh side effects which Chemical menopause aids can produce. Keep it natural with a full line of dietary supplements and anti aging vitamins to keep you energized and on track. Did you know a lack of estrogen can lead to significant bone loss? Avoid osteoporosis, take action today!

Men can enjoy the benefits of natural healthcare as well! The best anti aging vitamins are available to hinder hair loss, promote erectile function, and support prostate health. You can also receive dietary support for high cholesterol, memory, and heart health, among many others!

Excess weight is just one of the culprits involved in aging. Get yourself back in the game with the best in natural support! Anti aging vitamins aid in keeping your energy levels up, and dietary supplements keep your body feeling young and ready for exercise. Support for weight loss can be achieved by eating less with increasing energy through nutritional drink Mitomaxx which cater to your dietary needs.

Unsure which avenue of natural care is right for you? Don't let our best variety of antiaging supplements overwhelm you - chat with a live person today! We will be happy to assess your needs and help you begin your younger, healthier life! The Antiaging Institute products are proudly approved by the Food and Drug Administration for sale in United States and the world.

100% natural







Why we age?1) DNA损伤是衰老的根本原因。



Why we age?2)过度饮食


Why we age?3) 氧化与锈蚀


Why we age?4)糖基化

蛋白质的糖基化作用是产生皮肤上褐色斑点的主要原因,CoQ10 Plus可以有效的阻止糖分对于蛋白质的糖基化作用,帮助改善肤质。CoQ10 Plus还可以增加使用者的胰岛素敏感性,可以帮助糖尿病患者平衡血糖浓度。

               CoQ10 Plus本身是一种更加强大的抗氧化剂,可以有效的提高包括维生素C、E以及CoQ10在内的其他抗氧化剂。

Why we age?5)炎症

NF-kB (Nuclear Factor- kappa B)是产生炎症的主要原因。体内NF-kB的含量会随着年龄的增长而增加,直接结果就是皱纹和关节炎。姜黄素提取物可以有效的抑制NF-kB。BIOCURCU有强力的抗发炎效果,能够抑制每一个细胞中的炎症性细胞因子。

欢迎来到加州抗衰老研究所:AAIC 是一个专业研究抗衰老维他命、营养品及其他产品的研究所。这些产品有助于提高顾客的生活质量,帮助他们延长寿命,活的更健康。我们所提供的不止是高效的产品,还有一个专业的医疗顾问团队,我们随时在这里,回答您的任何疑问。您可以注册成为我们的会员,随时接收有关健康营养学以及抗衰老的最新的前沿科技。我们的抗衰老维他命、营养品以及其他产品在世界各地广受欢迎,得到了许多好评。现在就联系我们,我们的专业团队会与您一起对抗衰老,帮助您活的更健康更长久。