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Facial Heat Mask

Facial Heat Mask
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This Self warming, Deep Cleansing face and body mask is made with fresh powerful Pumpkin Enzymes to digest the dead surface of the cells and to reach deep down and pull dirt from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly clean sensation.

Pumpkin Enzyme stimulate cellular turnover and improve skin tone and texture. Pumpkin is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and C, as well as Zinc, a mineral that aids in the healing process.
We have also added fruit extracts to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, Jojoba beads absolute to calm redness and Silver to soothe and disinfect the acne causing bacteria, and loads of Vitamins to nourish your skin.
This formula has been expertly rebalanced, so there’s no need for us to add any synthetic preservatives.

Facial Heat 洁面膜

能够自动升温,深层净化脸部肌肤的Facial Heat洁面膜蕴含从新鲜南瓜提取的催化酶, 它能加速死皮细胞褪去和深入皮肤之下清除毛孔内的污垢,从而让您感受到前所未有的洁净清爽。

南瓜除了富含丰富的天然的脂肪酸,维生素A和维生素 C, 同时也富含能够加速皮肤康复的锌元素。

南瓜中蕴含的南瓜酶能够加速细胞代谢并改善肤质和皮肤光泽。Facial Heat 洁面膜中也添加了能够加速死皮脱落的天然果物提取物,其中的Jojoba 颗粒能够有效减少面部的红肿和白斑以及清除由细菌引起的粉刺,丰富的维他命也能够深层的滋润肌肤。产品配方经过精确地计算和平衡,因此无需添加任何人工合成的添加剂。


Apply generous amount to clean, dry skin. Massage into skin until warming sensation dissipates. Wet hands and repeat massaging action. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Avoid eye area. Can be used two to three times a week.

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